Thomas Ciul Harpsichords and FortePianos

Harpsichords, Spinets, Virginals, Clavichords and Fortepianos

Instruments Currently Available for Sale or Rental

Harpsichords, spinets and virginals:


Italian Single 8', buff; false inner/outer C to d'''. Transposes

$11,000 USD , also available as a rental


Pentagonal Italian Spinet

at quint pitch, faux marbled case $6,000 USD

Italian Octavino Spinet after Francesco Vanini (ca 1672)

a ton o' fun in a tiny package, just $2,750 USD

(click for larger photo)




Small, Portable Fortepiano after Walter

C/E short octave to f''' or E to f''' chromatic

with dampers, mahogany case and lid and stand,

$12,000 USD

Recumbent Harp Fortepiano

with a Prell-mekanic action (Mozart had one) after an instrument in the Metropolitan Museum Coll., New York NY
Designed and Built by Thomas Ciul $16,000 USD


a Prell-mekanic action in a clavichord, after an instrument in the Metropolitan Museum Coll., New York NY

$6,000 USD

Stein FortePiano

Five octaves with Viennese action, Honduran Mahogony case (Zuckermann)

$18,000 USD



Clavichord "King of Sweden" (ZHI),

C/E to c'''- short octave bass

$5,500 USD

Clavichord"The Urbino Intarsia"
A Clavichord designed from a wood inlay depiction in the Palace of the Duke of Urbino, Italy
A simple and charming clavichord designed and built by Thomas Ciul
C/E to d''' version available as well

$4200 USD

Flemish Octave Clavichord (anonymous)

45 notes at 4' pitch

$4,500 USD


A Special Offer

For immediate sale:

19 note precut Monochord kit, two sharps per octave two octave range C-c.

Poplar case with spruce soundboard. cherry key tops. double strung in brass. protruding keyboard casework. Very easy to build with very loud tone. Great fun to improvise on.

$1,000.00 USD includes shipping.

A monochord is a very early keyboard instrument. With one pair of unison strings, they were used for tuning organs as late as the 16th century. It is the direct ancestor of the clavichord. They are still used in eastern Europe for folk music performance. Makes a great science project, too.

Link to: A Brief History of the Monochord

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updated July 28, 2008