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And this thing...

Cembalo DoubleCrosso

designed by Thomas Ciul

C-c''' (divided bewteen two 25 note keyboards) with buff
length 5.5 feet
width 18 inches

Decor, as pictured

Lower keyboard at 8ft. pitch!
Upper keyboard at 4ft. pitch!

This is the
maximum harpsichord in the minimum space. The player can perform most baroque literature by crossing the hands. This instrument is a must when playing with large ensembles on small stages.

1-lower 25 note manual organ with 16ft , 8 ft and 4 ft pipes.
2-lower manual with harpsichord at 16 ft pitch( CCC-c''' range)
3- downward striking piano action for any of the above
4- sound effect stops as needed e.g. shnarwerk, zimblestern, Turkish
music, harmonic swells, bird calls, fog horn, fire alarm, etc. Please
ask for more, don't be ashamed!

Decor options:
Tritons in
gold leaf playing working lutes and hurdygurdies, Full size
cherubs in place of turned legs, full size horse drawn wagon in
Japaned paint and giltwork.

Did I forget anything?
All the best ;)

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updated July 16, 2008