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Just listed! For sale -- Square piano after Walther by Tom Ciul. 63 notes FF - g''', primitive prell-mekanik tangent action. Mahogany casework, one-piece lid, four screw-in tapered legs. Uses the narrow keyboard of the original. Very bright tone. Similar to this clavichord-piano but larger. Price $10,000 less shipping. Ready to ship immediately. (September 3, 2010) (photos and sound samples in preparation)

Thomas Ciul has been a builder of historical keyboard instruments for over 20 years. He specializes in small instruments that have been largely ignored by other builders, particularly pianos, as well as being a builder of the larger French and German instruments. He has done remarkable work on early pianos. The Clavichord/Piano and a Schmall Recumbent Harp piano (based on instruments in the Metropolitan Museum collection, New York NY) are examples of his re/creations.

Restoration and reconstruction of early keyboard instruments are important services offered by this shop. Many instruments have been restored or upgraded to excellent playing condition. A copy of a specific antique instrument can be made per your request.

Special! - Guitar/Lautenwerk - Harpsichord strung in nylon with classical guitar scaling. Lovely sound! $9,000 US.

This shop is always interested in unfinished kits and uncompleted instruments.

Contact information:

Thomas Ciul Instruments
1811 Richman Rd.
Smiths Creek, Michigan 48074 USA
 (810) 841 9903 (cell) (your best bet)

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Yes, we are brothers and we all build harpsichords. We think it is a genetic defect.

Tom Ciul playing his Italian octavino virginal

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